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Jack Kidd & Charlie Ward discuss NESARA GESARA back in June!

So many things have happened since this first aired in June 2020. It had has been watched over 1 million times before YouTube decided to ban Charlie Ward.

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10th December 2020


To be sure, some politicians think they are above those who they are supposed to serve. The problem is very apparent that the elections have been rigged for a whole generation of Americans that thought their votes counted. Just the idea that the SPTB, Sick Powers That Be came up with a ruling class that has kept themselves in power over our Government and We The People, like forever, is a travesty that needs to be fixed. "Dominion" over us no more.

The American People have had their Republic Stolen from them back in the late 1800s. We did not see it coming. We believed that our Founding Fathers had created a Union that would last. We had a Constitution that ensured we had God endowed Unalienable Rights that no form of Government intrusion could take away from us. Color us really stupid, or color us just sleeping off things that didn’t seem right. Regardless, it is time to wake up.

Charlie Ward has told us that he moved money for individuals who were buying elections. It’s just what wealthy people do to keep themselves in power.

The Central Intelligence Agency, that rogue Government Agency that has been destabilizing foreign Governments forever, took it upon themselves to create nefarious election programs to be sure that foreign elections were won by the “Right” people that they could control with bribes and extortions. Does this make you sick that our Government was involved with bad dealings all over the world?

And when the CIA needed to have certain individuals in America win an election they colluded with old Georgy Porgy to come up with an election machine that could be programmed to be sure the right person won the Election. Military Intelligence messed with these machines in 2016 and the 98% assured election that was to go to Clinton somehow let Trump win. The Deep State was livid and vowed to never let THAT happen again. You don't let the slaves pick who will be their leaders. With the word "impeachment" on all of their lips and hatred in their hearts, they fought the legitimacy of the Election and vowed to turn it around. The coup began even before Trump took office. The 2018 Election was a test to see if the Military Intelligence could gather up all the evidence they needed. With all the voter fraud unveiled in 2018, Trump made his Executive Order that stands as the basis of the Election Fraud being overturned legally. With thousands of Arrogant Elitist and Satanist all over the world, thinking that they had their way all planned out, got caught with their hands in the voting machines. Trump's EO means they are Treasonous and they are being dealt with as we write this post.

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of Military Flights are headed to Gitmo with arrested vote fraudsters. They may be getting their Military Tribunals as they head to Gitmo. Once there, how long they stay depends on the song they sing. We are at war and these people are considered enemy combatants. The MSM in their ARROGANCE is playing right into the hands of the military. And they think we are stupid.

Before you label me as a Democrat or a Republican, let's make this very clear, this is not about party affiliations. While the face of the Democrats is presently the Deep State, there are hundreds of Republicans who are complicit in the Deep State Voter Fraud and have been for years. The Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden crime Families are all in this together. Pelosi, Gavan Newsom, and their families, as well as the likes of Maxine Waters in her little swamp, will be revealed as the Military does its cleaning up of the Swamp.

The Georgia Swamp really stinks, and guess whose is on the list that the Quantum Computer has provided to the Military? Think, $107 Million for the Dominion Voting machines. Do you think for one second Georgia chose Dominion Voting Machines because of its reliability as a voting machine company? Anyone who bought Dominion Voting Machines did so with one thought in mind - defraud the voters and put the demented village idiot in office that they wanted. Yes, the one that didn’t have to campaign because they had – not the votes - but the voting machines. They did not know about the Quantum Computer and its ability to locate the fraud and turn it over to the Military for disposal of the treasonous enemy combatants.

The Quantum Computer can penetrate any computer network in the world. Nothing is exempt from this snoopy tool that finds all fraud, greed, and manipulations. If one penny of the $107 million came back to the Governor or the Secretary of State, or to any family members or friends paid by Dominion operatives, it is recorded in the QC. Simply put, if you lack a moral compass in your own life and want to go outside the bounds of propriety when you are dealing with the QC, it’s going to be a very rough road for you. The QC will be a moral compass for Society from now on. It can report every time anyone does something criminal or unethical.

A word to the Wise should be sufficient for anyone that is opposing the Alliance Military machine. You know not what you are up against. Your days are numbered and your deeds will be known. You had your way against us for a season, but it is now time for you to pay for what you have done. I wonder if God can get pissed off at some of these bad people? It would seem so. God gave us the Quantum Computer, the Moral Compass for those who have not developed one for themselves.

President Trump has given earth dwellers a magnificent 5-year Seminar on how to deal with bad people. Their ARROGANCE will be their own downfall. They believe they can go on forever in their destruction of mankind, thinking they can outmanoeuvre the Alliance who represents our God Force for the light. The Red Pill will be hard to swallow for those who have been controlled by the CIA MK-Ultra mind control programs. Maybe a pink version would not be quite so severe for them.

One more Sucker Fish to Fry can be found right here on Intel Dinar Chronicles. The Deep State has had its way here for many years. The constant lies and disinformation that has been disseminated on IDC are abominable. The Numbers of the pure intent of Hearts that have been crushed by you gurus are atrocious. You are part of the Swamp and when your time has come you will be terminated like the rest of your kind. You cannot continue to work your lies and manipulations with impunity. You are known and your days are numbered. The Alliance is calling the shots and as long as the gurus are having their way on IDC, the RV will Not Happen.  This IDC Swamp will be cleaned up before the RV can take place. So when the Alliance is ready to start the RV for we Tier 4 B. (the ones you call the internet people) then that will be our Omen. The old gurus will be gone and another lot of authorized intel people will take over and complete the RV. Finally, we will have our day and move toward the RV. This is not a bad reflection on Patrick in any way. He has had an open forum and has let those who want to post their stuff have their way without censoring people. Bless Patrick for his willingness to take this on. To the gurus, your ride to Gitmo is being arranged and your ill-fated cell awaits your swamp stench. There is a growing list a mile long of those who will witness your fraud at your Military Tribunal.

The Quantum Computer and its capacities should be spread far and wide. This one change in society portends the New Golden Age of Mankind. The Quantum Computer is our useful tool against those who would do us harm. I keep seeing Trump's cheeky smile as another reporter bites the dust. Head Plant.

Ron Giles

30th November 2020


When the Quantum Computer (QC) was let loose on the Central Bank Swift system of fund transfers, nobody saw it coming and when it showed up no one saw that it was there. It just silently began to interrupt the Swift transfers by intercepting the transfer and redirected them to the target bank account. The transfers were lightning fast, the transfers completely by-passed all bank trading accounts which stopped bankers from using your transfer funds to do their overnight trading. This was not good for the banks.

24th November 2020


In my last post, I left things unsettled as to how these Redemption funds are to be used by the Humanitarians who do get their funds. Get down off the ledge dear ones, all is not lost, in fact, all is just starting.

I stated that redemption funds are only for those who will do humanitarian projects. The keyword here is Humanitarians, it is a plural noun. Only Humanitarians will get the funds. You are a Humanitarian if you intend to do Humanitarian Projects.

22nd November 2020

  For months and years, the Deep State RV and Redemption monsters, have come out of the Swamp to feed on Zim Holders. They gather the innocent up and drag them down into the abyss they call Internet Groups. Not just in America, but all over the world. All it takes is for the Slaves to begin to prosper and Zip Zap out comes the monsters with their sticky tongues to Zap us in our tracks and end the march to financial freedom.

9th November 2020

  The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius will usher in the last and final Golden Age of Mankind in 3D. The Earth and its beloved humans are Ascending into the 5th Dimensional vibration; Heaven on Earth.   Some relevant History   The degeneration of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of the generations of mankind has precipitated the "fall" of Mankind from the enlightened realms we call home, into the darkness of 3D. We are presently experiencing the worst that man has had to endure from these overlords that have controlled us since the "Fall Of Man."

9th October 2020

The Chinese Elders, who comprise the heads of the multi-colored Dragon Societies or families, have accumulated a massive amount of gold bullion that has been secreted away in vaults for safekeeping for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Why have they done this, you ask? Their highly advanced spiritual leaders had knowledge of what was to come in the future through their own word of mouth prophecies and written records. It was passed down through their generations in preparation for this Golden Age of Mankind.

 It should be noted that there are certain people of many different faiths that have gained knowledge about things that are Unspeakably Sacred. Much of this history is kept away from the prying eyes of the Satanists and others who would destroy these sacred teachings and writings, and would do so out of pure ignorance of the value they have to mankind. The Dragon Societies have this type of rich heritage.

8th October 2020

I have asked about the funds needed to Revalue currencies in the exchange process. No one knows or at least no one will tell it out loud. So Bank loving gurus, you talk about your banker said this and your banker said that and that talk was all a lie, well now we know why the RV hasn't happened.

We have many Three Ringed Circus clowns that call themselves gurus that give us very specific information as though it came from reliable sources, yet not one of these clowns will give us the answer to this very salient piece of information. Where do the funds come from? The Banks, and why have they refused to pony up to do the RV since the end of the Vietnamese war?

I would say that this is an important piece of information that even the most clueless of gurus should know the answer to. Wouldn’t you agree? They give us rates, dates, and questionable intel as if they know what they are doing, why can’t they tell us why their beloved banks refuse to revalue the currency? Do they kiss the bankers off to work each day and give them their lunch? Is this the guru ploy? Are they just a front to protect the really bad banker boys?

So, without any plausible explanation coming from the know-it-alls, I would like to put forth my theory of why there has been no RV. BTW, if you get the feeling that I have no respect for these integrity challenged individuals, you are right on. When was the latest date that went by without the RV happening as predicted? HMMM??? Even with supposed Military Intelligence, they don’t know squat. What a terrible hit on military intelligence. And let's not mention the hit on the Treasury Department and Judy Shelton; they are portrayed as a bunch on non-comps that can never get it done. Next Date please.


De-value VS Re-value.

When a "warring nation" goes against another nation to interfere with their form of government as in Vietnam,  one of the tactics used is to devalue their currency so they can not afford to buy arms to defend themselves. This accomplishes two things. The enemy can’t defend themselves and it leaves the warring nation the ability to revalue the Dong currency and receive enough profits in the revaluation to virtually pay for the war. This is the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) in action. But that was 48 years ago, why hasn't the Dong RV-ed yet?

The trouble with this “war” and the next contrived war, was that too many “ordinary people” heard about devaluation and positioned themselves to make millions on the revaluation of the currency. This was an “Oh my hell, look what we have done?” sort of thing for the MIC. All these people are buying devalued curencies and when we revalue the currency, all these ordinary civilian slaves will get millions of dollars. “This can not happen” was the war cry. So it didn’t happen, it hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen. Read on.

 So, the supposed secret source of the revaluation funds, the Banks, were told by the Cabal governments to not let the revaluation take place. Any President since Nixon could have signed the revaluation orders and it would have been done. They just didn’t want the people to have a big ROI. (Return on Investment) Making money off of war is for the government and their elitest only. So,it was dead. No way, never let it happen. Just play along as if… The banks were more than happy to accommodate. Why? It will cost them multi-billions. Do you think they will ever allow the RV to happen? This is where, Slim Chance, Fat Chance, and No Chance all mean the same thing; It won’t happen. BUT, keep up the appearance that it will so we can mess with the slaves. They even set up an army of gurus with their fake dates, rates, and absurd fake intel that acts more like a Sting Operation than giving out intel.

The Cabal took over the in-play-process of the RV and created a huge plethora of chaotic events with full intrigue and fraud that played off the greed of the many currency holders. It was put out that if you joined together in a group, you could get a group contract rate that would be better than doing the revaluation yourself. Does that sound like a one bank-sponsored program to maximize their exchange profits by putting out contract rates, locking people in? So, people joined this group or that group thinking that one person exchanging for the whole group would be better. That may have been the case in the beginning, but it is not now. The people would put their currencies with the group leader and trust that he/she would be honest in the rates and distribution of the funds. Fat Chance, Slim Chance, and No Chance!!! The leader could make 50% off of other people's money. Then the 80-20 humanitarian, split scam, came along. The Group leaders could then say, this is your 20% after we invested 80% of your money into government-approved humanitarian projects. Does this smell like a bank/government scam with the gurus leading the way? Did the banks save enough RV funds to pay the gurus thousands while saving billions? And then before GESARA/ NESARA is implemented, who pays the income taxes? Do the taxes for the full RV amount come out of the ones who only get 20% of the funds? Go figure that out. 30% tax for the total RV amount of income tax when the currency holder only gets  20% of the money to pay it. Oh, the web they weave against the unsuspecting public.

The real problem with revaluing currencies that are "in-country active" is that there is always a profit to be earned by giving lower rates and then re-selling the currency to the next higher player in the system. Has anyone of the gurus or Paymasters ever, and I mean ever, told us what the REAL “Contract rate is?" THEY DON'T KNOW BECAUSE THERE IS NO REAL CONTRACT RATE ESTABLISHED. Should we ask the question which bank did they negotiate the Contract Rate with and the name of the Bank employee authorized to contract for the bank? See, we have many banks that do currency exchanges and they may all have different rates they charge. So tell us about your "Contract Rates."

Can you see all the ways that could be thought up to defraud the people? Hiding behind a Claw-Back NDA would make it so the leader could not give info about the exchange so the leader could dupe the people and keep large sums of money for themselves. The banks supported this premise. The leaders would not tell the people the real rates but would continue to call them "Contract Rates." Paymasters were set up to receive and distribute the funds. The problem that everyone would and did encounter is that the banks had no intention of letting the RV take place. The Vietnam war ended in the spring of 1972. That’s been 48 years to allow the banks to exchange. If they intended to distribute funds they would have already done so long before the Iraqi Dinar came into play.

Here is a real Question to ask the gurus. Why are paymasters receiving transferred fund tranches when the real Exchange funds are already in the QFS waiting to be "Transferred" to your QFS Account by a real agent? Why all this liquidity crap, why this SKR crap, why aren't the funds available when the Exchange takes place? They will be available if the QFS does your exchanges and redemptions. There is none of this waiting crap that is all part of the intel scam being promoted now to keep us waiting while living on hopium. It is all a bank-centric scam put on us by the guru Shills. If you can't figure this out, then why should you be entrusted with trillions in funds? Maybe this is why the delay. We've got to have smart people to finish up on helping mankind. Let's do a "V" learning curve to get this done. Exposing the sacm may be the start.

Progressing along: The group leaders, without an income of their own, needed to make money to keep their people informed, so paying for conference calls became the accepted way to communicate RV intel with the ever-present asking for funds on each call. Welcome to the guru News Network. (gNN) and the Con Call scam.

So, gurus give us daily new dates for the bankers to release the funds and let the Revaluation take place. [Have you ever noticed that gurus like to give a range of dates instead of the right one?] Oh, today is the final day or this weekend you say? Does that sound familiar? Hmmm. “Give us a date, any date, just give us a date.” So, the gurus give us dates without any integrity, just speculation to keep us happy. Whose fault is that unless we stop the Bull Pucky by calling them out and not letting them get away with their Chalatanistic activities?

I do not believe the RV will ever happen if we leave it up to the banks and their sponsored gurus. That’s why it is always a set up to talk about banks being a part of anything good. There is not one bank in the world that is not corrupt and fraudulent. There are no upper management bankers that can be trusted. Their words give hope but their actions say “No Way in hell.” The banks are on their own way to bankruptcy due to the works of the Quantum Computer interrupting the SWIFT transfer system. The QC bypasses bank trading accounts when transferring funds so the bank cannot do overnight trading using the transfer funds. They are bleeding out fast without replenishing profits from overnight bank trading. Should we give them an “Oh darn” or a “YAY?”

Is the RV real and will it take place? The answer is a profound, YES. This RV of devalued currencies will happen when the Global Currency Reset takes place. That will happen when the QFS is fully activated and we go into the redemption appointments and do our redemptions and exchanges. BUT it will not be done by the banks. NO FUNDS FROM THE REVALUATION AND/OR THE REDEMPTION BY AN AUTHORIZED QFS AGENT, WILL GO INTO ANY BANK AS A DEPOSIT INTO THEIR BANK. All funds are to be put in the Quantum Financial System in accounts you will set up as you redeem and exchange. Those are the conditions the Alliance has set up to allow people to finally do their revaluations. Quit believing in banks as the ones who will exchange currencies, it's a fraud. The Zim Redemption is an entirely different process for an entirely different purpose, using authorized Redemption Centers to redeem Zim Bonds. If you have Zim as well as other currencies to exchange it will happen at authorized Redemption Centers. No RV or Redemption funds will go into a bank unless you want to deposit them in the bank yourself.

BTW, those promoting the two appointment scam at a bank are part of a Sting Operation. You will be severely limited in the funds you will receive if any at all. Why would you have a banker argue for you to receive a greater rate when the bankers don't want you to have the money in the first place. A wise person would never knowingly go into a den of thieves like these trolls are promoting.

If you go outside of this protected, secure process and go to a non-authorized bank to exchange, you may end up with no money and with no RV currency left to do the proper exchange at a secure location and exchange with a QFS Agent. The QFS has all the funds necessary to exchange the RV currencies as well as the Quintillions for the Redemption of all the Zim Bonds in the world. This is the only secure way to exchange revalued currencies. Naysayers are probably Cabal agents or they just don't know what is going on.

If you are asked to go to a Bank to do your exchanges and redemptions, be absolutely sure that the bank is an agent bank of the QFS, and that the interviewer at the appointment is an authorized agent of the QFS and has the authority to deposit your funds in the QFS. If you go to a bank to exchange,(which may happen in remote locations) ask them to let you see proof of agency. If they don’t have the documentation then, I suggest you excuse yourself, get up and walk out. It’s no different than asking the banker or a Doctor to see their license to do business. If this is not the case, your funds may be confiscated as the banks are trying to stay solvent and may take your funds to do so. Depositing funds in a bank, make them the owner of the funds. Period! Also, keep in mind that the QFS will not resale your currencies to a third-party buyer, so you can be sure you are getting the maximum amount you are asking for, There is no financial incentive for them to short change the ones who are going to do the heavy lifting of mankind out of poverty. The QFS does not and will not make money on your redemption of the defuncted Zim Bonds nor your revalued currencies. They are there to help you get what you need without an agenda against you like a bank.

The Alliance is fighting the battle and will win. God wins and when put in the past tense, God WON. The next phase is for us to do our work and complete the purpose for which the funds were created. Our turn will come.

Be well, Be blessed, and Be a blessing for others.

Ron Giles

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Although this website only looks to include quality, safe and relevant external links, users are advised adopt a policy of caution before clicking any external web links mentioned throughout this website. (External links are clickable text / banner / image links to other websites, similar to;

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This website and its owners through their social media platform accounts may share web links to relevant web pages. By default some social media platforms shorten lengthy (this is an example:

Users are advised to take caution and good judgement before clicking any shortened urls published on social media platforms by this website and its owners. Despite the best efforts to ensure only genuine urls are published many social media platforms are prone to spam and hacking and therefore this website and its owners cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any shortened links.


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